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The Supreme Court in Johannesburg, South Africa

Advocates Group 21 - Johannesburg Bar Council

Advocates Group 21 was established in 1999 and is conveniently situated in the central Sandton Financial District – the financial hub of South Africa. Currently, its membership comprises of approximately 80 advocates, with an appropriate ratio of junior advocates and senior advocates.

Each advocate within Group 21 practices as an individual advocate, but also as a member of a greater independent association, the Johannesburg Bar. The Johannesburg Bar is one of ten regional Bar councils affiliated to the General Council of the Bar of South Africa.

Each advocate member of Advocates Group 21 subscribes to the code of ethical conduct for the legal practice of an advocate. As an individual advocate, each is committed to the highest standards of a professional legal practice and the maintenance of an effective and independent judiciary.

Advocates Group 21 is equally committed to transformation initiatives internally, as well as at the Johannesburg Bar generally, to make certain that the practice of an advocate remains highly esteemed and legitimate. Group 21 is committed to ensuring that the Bar is representative of South Africa generally, and to providing the highest possible standard of legal services to the widest range of persons.

Group 21 has a Group Clerk System, a valuable initiative for the upliftment and assistance of a number of junior advocate members within the Group who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative is analogous to that which is practiced in the United Kingdom and is based upon two core principles: the education, training and assistance of such junior members and the propagation of transformation thus affording the practice of an advocate the legitimacy it deserves.

Collectively, these attributes ensure that Group 21 plays a distinct role in maintaining a high standard of judicial practice, professional integrity and independence – all of which are time-honoured characteristics of the profession of an advocate.

Group 21 prides itself on the fact that each advocate benefits from the collegial and valuable interaction and relationships with his or her colleagues within the group. In this manner, a junior advocate will gain invaluable experience and training from dealings with fellows advocates – in turn, he or she will pass that training and experience on to another advocate in the future.

As an individual advocate and member of Group 21, each of our members practice in all the fields of law traditionally dealt with by advocates, including constitutional law and human rights, labour law, criminal law, matrimonial matters, banking law, company law, liquidations, aviation law and intellectual property.

Services Rendered by Advocates

Services rendered by the members of Group 21 include litigation, mediation and arbitration, attending enquiries and commissions, and appearing in all forums generally permitted by the rules of conduct set by the Bar, including as the presiding officials at hearings. As such, members have experience of, or appeared in, some or all of the following forums, as a single advocate or together with another advocate, and acted either for one of the parties to the litigation, or as a presiding officer, or an advocate amicus curiae:

  • The Constitutional Court ( Johannesburg);
  • Supreme Court of Appeal ( Bloemfontein);
  • The High Courts throughout South Africa;
  • The Magistrate's Courts in every district of South Africa;
  • The Land Claims Court ( Johannesburg);
  • The Labour Court of South Africa, throughout South Africa;
  • The Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) throughout South Africa;
  • Specialist superior courts dealing with income tax, water affairs, patents and trademarks, unfair competition and other tribunals;
  • Private arbitrations, locally and abroad;
  • Courts of Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Zimbabwe; and
  • Competition Commission and other commissions.

The practice of an advocate at Group 21

An advocate is a specialist legal practitioner, and mainly appears in Courts or other forums, does research and provides legal opinions.

As such, an advocate uses verbal and writing skills to understand, to explain and to persuade. An advocate also researches the applicable law and assimilates the principles and the facts of his or her given case in order to present the case he or she is given, to the best of his or her ability.

Members of Group 21 strive to provide the best possible service in all matters.

Seat of Advocates Group 21

The chambers of Advocates Group 21 are found at Village Chambers in Sandown, Johannesburg.


Advocates Group 21 Contact Details

Physical Address: Village Chambers, Sandown Village, 81 Maude Street, Sandton
Postal Address: P.O. Box 781615, Sandton, 2146
Docex 70, Randburg

Tel: + 27 (0)11 895 9000
Tel: 0861 ADVOCATE (2 3 8 6 2 2 8 3)

Fax: Group 21 Ground Floor: + 27 (0)11 895 9004
Fax: Group 21 First Floor: + 27 (0)11 895 9001
Fax: Group 21 Second Floor: + 27 (0)11 895 9002
Fax: Group 21 Third Floor: + 27 (0)11 895 9003

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