Estelle Kilian SC

Year of Silk: 2014

Areas of Practice: criminal

Year of Admission


Year of Silk


Contact Details

083 601 2720

Ground Floor, Village Chambers

Estelle graduated from the Potchefstroom University in 1978 where she obtained a B Juris degree with a distinction in Criminal Law; thenafter she practiced at the Department of Justice and obtained a LLB degree from Unisa part-time in 1983. She was admitted as an Advocate in the TPD on 20 September 1983.

Estelle has vast experience in criminal matters and practice in all courts, including neighbouring countries where ad hoc admission is obtained when required and based on specialist expertise.

Her practice includes Litigation in Criminal Matter; appearing in appeals in the High Court as well as the Supreme Court of Appeal; she appeared in the Supreme Court of Appeal at least 20 times, of which approximately 8 matters have been reported. Estelle also deals with Civil Matters, Ancillary to Criminal Law, e.g. appear in applications for forfeiture of assets in terms of POCA (Prevention of Organized Crime) and Civil Actions relating to claims for unlawful arrest and prosecution.

Fields of expertise

Estelle is currently a member of Group 21 and publicly subscribes to the policy of her transformation. In this regard, she renders assistance to all junior members of the Bar within the area of expertise. She has trained eight pupils in the past ten years and also assists in the examination of pupils during their oral examinations on the subject of
Criminal Law.

Recent practice history

Estelle assised the Director of Public Prosecution’s Office in appearing on behalf of the State in appeal matters to clear the backlog of appeals, which provides an objective view on approaching appeals for either appellant or respondent.

Previous experience

Estelle resigned from the Department of Justice in June 1992 with the rank of Senior Advocate at the then Attorney General’s office of the WLD. She thenafter joined the Johannesburg Bar and on completion of pupilage was admitted to the Society of Advocates, Witwatersrand Division on 1 December 1992.