1. The Transformation Committee of Group 21 meets on a monthly basis. At these meetings transformation issues, pertinent to the Group and the Group structure, are discussed. Previously disadvantaged junior members are invited to attend in order to share their views regarding transformation initiatives that would assist them.
  2. Various initiatives are implemented to assist and improve the practices of previously disadvantaged members, it being the Group’s aspiration to assist these members in pursuing their chosen profession with ability and dignity.
  3. At its Annual General Meeting in 2010 the Group approved the formation of the Group 21 Assistance Fund in terms whereof junior members, with the emphasis on previously disadvantaged junior members, could be used to assist other members for remuneration. Members of the Group may, in order to expose such junior members to attorneys or a better calibre of work, employ the services of a junior member to, inter alia, assist the member with research, perusal, drafting and the like, to attend consultations, to provide other professional input; and/or to assist with other tasks such as going to the library, making photocopies of cases or authorities including any further research as may be necessary.
  4. The junior members are remunerated for their time and efforts from the Group 21 Assistance Fund for the work performed at an agreed hourly fee All members of Group 21 of more than 3 (three) years’ standing, contribute financially to the Group 21 Assistance Fund.
  5. The initiative has already been used extensively by some members to the advantage of previously disadvantaged junior members. It is anticipated that this initiative will assist to a large degree to achieve the Group’s transformation goals.
  6. The Group has previously identified chambers specifically earmarked for occupation by previously disadvantaged members. These chambers are filled by the Transformation Committee. Apart from this, further chambers are also taken up by previously disadvantaged members as part of the Group’s transformation objective to attain a situation where the Group’s membership will be representative of the general membership of the Bar.
  7. The Group continues to strive to introduce their previously disadvantaged members to attorneys to enable those members to further establish their practices at the Bar. It is believed that by continuing with its present program the Group will manage to achieve those goals which the Group has set. These are mainly:
    1. to assist junior previously disadvantaged members to establish successful practices;
    2. to create an environment where members of the Group will be briefed by attorneys irrespective of race or gender;
    3. to attain a situation where the membership of Group 21 will be representative of the general membership of the Johannesburg Bar.
  8. Group 21, through its Transformation Committee, will continue to strive to achieve these goals.