Advocates Group 21 - Professional body of advocates

About us

The membership of Group 21 has steadily grown into a cohesive and professional body of advocates, who practice in the High Courts and other Courts of South Africa and the neighbouring countries.

Our members are committed to the highest standards of a professional and ethical legal practice, and are equally committed to transformation initiatives internally, and at the Johannesburg Bar, to ensure that the practice remains highly esteemed and legitimate.



Advocates Group 21’s members have the honour of being among those groups who accept and actively implement the transformation intiatives as suggested by the Johannesburg Bar Council and the General Council of the Bar, thereby actively entrenching the most important values and ideals into the Group’s membership. Group 21 has implemented a programme internally, in terms whereof previously disadvantaged individuals may be assisted.

Members practice in all the fields of law traditionally dealt with by advocates, including constitutional law and human rights, labour law, criminal law, matrimonial matters, banking law, company law, liquidations, aviation law and intellectual property.

While members have experience in all these fields of law, however, the core focus of Group 21 is general commercial work.

Services rendered include litigation, mediation and arbitration, attending enquiries and commissions, and appearing in all forums generally permitted by the rules of conduct set by the Bar, including as the presiding officials at hearings.

Currently services can be rendered in Afrikaans, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Pedi, Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa and Zulu.