Johan Uys SC

Year of Silk: 2019

Areas of Practice: administrative law, commercial and civil litigation, constitutional law, local government

Year of Admission


Year of Silk


Contact Details

082 453 7609

Ground Floor, Village Chambers

Johan was admitted as an advocate during 1990 and as a member of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates during 1996. He is a graduate of RAU (now known as UJ) where he obtained B Proc, LLB, LLM and LLD degrees.

His principal areas of practice concern local government law (in all its various facets inclusive of specialised property related matters such as township establishment, town planning, valuation, procurement of goods and services, service agreements and bulk service contributions and disputes, demarcation, structuring of municipal entities, service delivery and levying of service charges, rates and taxes, etc.) and administrative and constitutional law (over and above aspects relevant to local government law per se) relating to inter alia all state institutions and/or structures, including aspects relevant to legislation concerning inter alia the environment, mining, health services, etc. His practice also includes general civil and commercial litigation.